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At Sammamish High School



At Sammamish High School



At Redmond High School

 Chalk is joy; Gymnastics is life 

The Team

Redmond Gymnastics is an enthusiastic group of gymnasts with a strong love for the sport.


The schedule is not always clear on the KingCo Athletics website. So look here if you want a succinct, accurate listing of the meets Redmond will be at and who we will be seeing.

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Coaching Staff and Team Captain

The coaching staff at Redmond Gymnastics are widely experienced coaches, gymnasts, and athletes. Each brings a unique skill set and background that offers a phenomenal amount of knowledge and expertise to the team.

The team captain (Jordan) is a highly accomplished gymnast and athlete. She brings a great desire to see the team excel, and lots of experience at competing.


If you have any questions about the team, the sport, or even how the competitions work, we recommend you check our FAQs page. If you still have further questions, you can feel free to email the head coach, Ryan.

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If you would like to see this season's meet results for our team, look no further!

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