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 Redmond Gymnastics 

Redmond Gymnastics is a high school gymnastics team full of gymnasts and coaches who love doing the best sport in the world. We have gymnasts of all skill levels, and highly experienced coaches who have coached at gyms in the area and coached other sports.

Our goal at Redmond Gymnastics is to always achieve excellence. We define excellence as having given our best effort possible at every competition. Whether we win or lose, get best ever scores or not, if we gave it our all, we achieved excellence.

Located in Redmond, WA, we compete in the KingCo League in the 4A Division.

For more about our coaches and our team captains, see here.

 Team Goals 

Above all, we strive for personal improvement in our performances. Without improvements, however slight, it's impossible to achieve better and better scores both as an individual, and as a team.

We also seek to build and maintain a team culture of excellence, excitement, and encouragement. Excellence because we believe that having high expectations of ourselves isn't unreasonable but the very opposite; it pushes us to heights we may not have even dreamed of. Excitement because enjoying your sport is a prerequisite to excelling at your sport. And encouragement because we're all in this together, and lifting each other up is how we grow and get better as athletes and people.

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